Hello to all our new friends!

12322943_515126211994279_6212878281323666365_o      12347694_513514962155404_8266743083749828329_n Hello to all our new friends, happy 2016, and welcome to the Charlie’s Corner blog! We’ll be documenting our fun events and other adventures here, but we thought you might enjoy hearing a little bit of our backstory, the seed of inspiration so to speak: who we are, and how we ended up, bursting to the seams with books, kids (and toadstool chairs) on the corner of 24th and Castro.

It all began with a little girl and her grandfather, as stories sometimes do, and their love of making the stories they read together in books even realer. You guessed it, before we were lucky enough to have her with us in San Francisco, Charlotte was a tiny bookworm who loved nothing more than sharing the stories she loved. She and her grandpa would make a habit of  starting each day the perfect way, by reading a book together. They would go on to enact the story throughout their day, complete with improvised costumes, character changes and props. Not much has changed, here at Charlie’s Corner! We truly live out our motto, “where stories and kids come together”, on a daily basis.

Our interactive story times and special events allaim to create a sense of community. We also like to think we are a special place where you can mingle and meet others- our kids, moms, dads and nannies all have a meeting ground of sorts. We love to have you stop by to say hello, and make new friends of both the real and fictional variety.

On this blog, we’ll be sharing pictures and memories from our fun escapades so far, and welcoming you to explore more with us in the future. We are already growing, in terms of who we are in the San Francisco community. Check out our Charlie’s Critics, posted on our corkboard and throughout the shelves- kids reviewing books for kids, because who better to recommend the most exciting books out there! We also welcome feedback and suggestions for more book groups for all ages and more interactive events. We love our French story time (where we often learn to cook a yummy and healthy treat; hello, crepes!) on Mondays and Tuesdays and plan to do more hands on groups in the months to come. Our Open Mic for kids night on the fourth Friday of each month at 6pm returns as well, so polish off your best story, poem, tap dance, joke or song and join us!

We are looking forward to a great year with all of you. Please enjoy the pictures below of all our amazing events in 2015!



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