Meet the Author Filbert!

IMG_6536 FullSizeRender (24) FullSizeRender (25) Filbert zoomed up and down, rolled over, and did some loop-de-loops. Next, he whizzed toward the water and right before he hit, he pulled up and shot back into the sky. “YEOW,” he bellowed, “I can fly!”

-Filbert, Floating on Air by Allen Swim 

It was a whale of a tale!

Charlie’s Corner was delighted to have author Allen Swim join us in a night of storytelling and puppetry from his new book, Filbert, Floating on Air. We shared songs from the deep blue sea, ate adorable whale decorated cupcakes made especially for our event, and learned about Filbert and his flying adventures! The story came to life when author Allen Swim also shared new, never-before-seen artwork featuring scenes from the book. Swim is a local teacher in the community and his many years of storytelling grew from a short tale about a friendly whale into a full-length children's novel.