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March 2017

Hello Friends: Happy March!

We are very happy to announce some new happenings at Charlie's Corner!

Introducing our brand new Charlie's Club Membership, a monthly subscription featuring specially curated books, special discounts and exclusive events! We are also happy to introduce a new music program, Meadowlark with Noe Venable, and a collaboration with our neighbors for the annual Noe Valley Word Week!

Charlie's Club
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Nurturing wonder through group music making

Meadowlark is a music class for children and caregivers.

In our cozy, welcoming circle, fairy magic is alive and well and the ancient songs still have something to teach us.  Each season features a collection of songs chosen to highlight the wonders of the season, from newborn rabbits in the spring, to apple orchards in the fall.  At Meadowlark, we remember what it’s like to see the world through a child’s eyes, and our classes and recordings are designed with this in mind. Our songs celebrate and nurture the magic of this time.

This experience is not only for children.  As a parent or caregiver, you’ll join a warmly supportive community in an activity that feeds the soul–singing and dancing with our children.  But that’s not all…  You’ll fill your care-giving toolkit with timeless, useful songs and rhymes, all imbued with the powers of imagination, warmth, and gentleness.  And in our thoughtfully produced, homemade recordings, you’ll take home a soundtrack to help keep your family singing all season long.

Meadowlark is…

Participatory ~ This is a hands-on experience that incorporates singing, movement, and play-along instruments.  No prior musical experience required!  There’s a saying in Zimbabwe– “If you can walk, you can dance.  If you can talk, you can sing.”  Try out a Meadowlark class, and you’ll find out how true this really is.

Multicultural ~ We sing songs from around the world belonging to various cultures and communities. 

Gentle on the Senses ~ To prevent over stimulation, our class balances exuberant moments (such as a musical parade) with gentler ones.  Each class includes a restful lullaby time and puppet show.

Acoustic ~ While we do provide recordings for listening at home, our in-person class is entirely acoustic.  We believe in the magic we can create together in real time, just as we are.


Saturday, March 4th:  Free Singalong, 11 AM  

Sunday, March 12th:  Free Singalong, 11 AM

Class Start Date:  Thursday, March 23rd: 10:45 - 11:30 AM

-$22 per class, per family for drop-ins

-Full 6 week session rated discount at $20 per class.  

For more information on Meadowlark, please visit:

Recurring Events

Special Music Times

Sing stories with Julia Beth!
-Friday, March 3rd at 12 PM
-Friday, March 10th at 12 PM
-Tuesday, March 14th at 12 PM
-Friday, March 24th at 12 PM
-Tuesday, March 28th at 12 PM

Language Story times
Spanish with Loreny
Mondays at 5 PM, Tuesdays at 10 AM, and Wednesdays at 3 PMFrench with Carine
Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5 PM

Upcoming Events

Dr. Seuss' Birthday

Thursday, March 9th (All Day)

Do you care for green eggs & ham? How about some fun and games? Well, then Hop on Pop and come on over! We are celebrating this iconic author & illustrator’s birthday with Dr. Seuss themed story times, costumes, & surprises. Oh, the places we’ll go!


Ezra Jack Keats

Friday, March 10th (All Day)

Happy Birthday to groundbreaking author and illustrator, Ezra Jack Keats! His books introduced multiculturalism into mainstream American children's literature. We’ll bring these stories to life with songs, puppets, and surprises!


Holi Indian Festival - Colors of Spring!
Monday, March 13th (10 AM, 12 PM, and 3 PM)

Red! Blue! Yellow! Green! Join us as we welcome Spring with the colorful Indian Festival of Holi. We’ll say good-bye to winter’s greys with books featuring vibrant colors and endearing characters. Learn about Indian culture through songs & games. Drop by our face painting and coloring stations.

St. Patrick's Day

Friday, March 17th (All Day)

Bring some Irish luck to your family. Ireland themed activities abound this St. Patrick’s Day. Story times will feature Irish folktales, limericks, & lucky symbols. We’ll also learn fun facts about the Emerald Isle and try Irish Soda Bread.

Meet the Author: Sound of Silence by Katrina Goldsaito

March 17th at 5:00 PM

"One of my absolute favorite books of the year…The Sound of Silence is like a dharma talk led by Christopher Robin. Which is about as high a compliment as I can give." - The Huffington Post

Take a trip to Japan where little Yoshio explores the big city as he searches for one of the world’s most beautiful sounds. We are thrilled to welcome author, Katrina Goldsaito, who describes herself as an: “Artist. Fishbird. Unicorn." What a repertoire! Please join us for this very special story time event. 

Spring Equinox: Butterfly Day!

Monday, March 20th (All Day)

The butterflies are coming toCharlie’s Corner! They are landing on our tree, walls, and story time area. Flit on over to learn about the Life Cycle of a Butterfly with our new butterfly farm. Wiggly worms become beautiful butterflies! We’ll wear giant butterfly wings and share butterfly-themed stories and crafts.

Poetry Day

Tuesday, March 21st (All Day)

Poetry is play! Poems can tell dramatic stories, make you laugh, and get you to see things in a new way. Plunge into poetry's world - where a shark has jagged glass for teeth, a goblin won't share, a meal of alligator pie is greatly desired... and MORE!

Randolph Caldecott Day

Wednesday, March 22nd (All Day)

Come celebrate Randolph Caldecott’s birthday! This 18th-Century illustrator is the inspiration behind the prestigious annual awards for American children’s picture books. Check out our window display dedicated to the buzz-worthy books hyped nationwide as potential winners. Which ones have you read? Today, we’ll read some of our favorite winners and buzz-worthy books.

Noe Valley Word Week:
Story Time Crawl

Sunday, March 26th (1-3 PM)

Ready for an adventure? Then join the Story Time Crawl for a treasure hunt through downtown Noe Valley. Start by picking up your secret treasure map at any of the Story Time locations. Follow the map to various themed story times. Collect a sticker at each stop. Surprises await! Story times run in 15-minute loops with 10-minute intermissions so you can see them all. Participants include:

   - Folio Books: Meet the Author/Illustrator Jim Averbeck

   - Small Fry's: Noe Valley Neighborhood: Shops & Stories

   - Charlie's Corner: Spanish Fiesta: Stories & Snacks

   - Cliché Noe: Call of the Wild: Nature & Animals

   - The Rabbit Hole Kids Theater presents Curtain Call: Theatrical Stories