Please email with the subject title "Press." We have a limit of 3 submissions per month. Any submissions we receive without that subject title will not be reviewed. Please include your first name and an email you frequently check to contact you if you are chosen. Happy writing!

Instructions for Review Submissions

Aim for between 80-200 words.

Try a 2-part approach:

1) Give a “taste” of the book. Tease the reader—make them want to know more. 

Sarah is 16 and she has stopped going to school because—well, because certain things happened—that recent thing she won’t talk about, and the thing that happened when she was 10 that she can’t quite remember. Her parents won’t talk about her big brother who left the family and never calls; and she misses him. And now she keeps meeting herself at different ages. She even brings 10-year-old Sarah, who remembers everything, home for dinner. What is wrong with her family--and how dangerous?

2) Then add a brief note telling of your own response to or evaluation of the book. Be sure not to give away the book’s secrets. (If you must, put “Spoiler Alert” at the top to protect readers who don’t want their surprises spoiled! )

I found this YA book kind of draining and depressing, but I kept reading because I wanted to find out what was hidden, what was forgotten, and why. The story builds tension by withholding information and revealing things slowly. I also wanted to see how the author would wrap up the extra-Sarahs issue— are they real? is she crazy? The answer is oddly satisfying.

There’s no need to give an age range beyond identifying the book as YA, Middle Grade, Easy Reader or Picture Book.


Phrases like “this book is good” or “I liked it”, by themselves, don’t tell us much. It’s the because that makes things interesting. 

Instructions for Poem Submissions

We accept free-verse and rhyming poems. The maximum word count for poems is 80 words. Please include a working title and your name. 

Instructions for Drawings/Illustrations

We accept any drawings or illustrations for your reviews that are age appropriate for ages 6-14. Please include your first name with your submission. Your drawings must be on a white sheet of paper. You can use any medium to create your drawing or illustration. 

Instructions for Short Story Writing

Aim for a maximum of 1000 words. You must include an original title with the option of including an original drawing. Please include your first name with your submissions. Any stories we receive without a first name will not be reviewed.


All contributors whose work is accepted for publication will receive a $10 Charlie's Corner gift card. You will receive 1 gift card per month for all accepted submissions. You will be notified via email if your submission is accepted.