Harry Potter Week

Monday, July 24 through Friday, July 28 (All Day Except Language & Music Story Times):

Harry Potter Week- Calling all wizards, muggles, & magic makers! Join us for a week-long celebration of all things Harry Potter. Park your broomsticks at Charlie’s Corner - which will be transformed into a Hogsmeade shop of wonders starting Monday, July 24th. Weekly activities include magical stories, enchanted snacks, and spell-binding crafts. Costumes encouraged. Events schedule:

  • Monday, July 24th - The magic begins! Welcome to our enchanted books store. Wizards and muggles alike can enjoy 15% off Harry Potter books. Pass through Platform 9¾ and board the Hogwarts Express for train themed story times.

  • Tuesday, July 25th - Owls, Letters, & Post Offices Owls are famous in the wizarding world for delivering messages. Owl stories abound. You can even send a postcard through our mystical messengers flown straight in from Eeylops Owl Emporium - the very shop where Harry Potter bought his owl.

  • Wednesday, July 26th - Ollivanders Wand Day! Abracadabra Alohomora! Grab your magic wands as we unlock the secrets behind Hogwart’s spells. We’ve got silly spells to make you laugh and calm cranky kiddos.

  • Thursday, July 27th - Three Broomsticks Harry Potter Snacks! Food-themed story times will feature snacks from Diagon Alley’s finest establishments. Butterbeer, anyone?

  • Friday, July 28th - Magical Creatures Day! From Swedish Short-Snout Dragons to Hippogriffs to an occasional Moaning Mrytle, we’ll explore the amazing creatures that inhabit Hogwarts.